24 – 28 April 2013 International Bodyguard Academy , Gabrovo, BULGARIA .

We have the pleasure to invite you to our next VIP Protection course,
which will be held on 24th – 28th of April 2013 by International
Bodyguard Academy In our partner Training Center , International Special
Training and Protection Center ( Alfa Metal ) in Gabrovo , Bulgaria .
Deadline to enroll 30.03.2013
This course of International Bodyguard Academy will be led by highly
qualified instructor-trainers .
More about our instructors you may find at

Modules :
Applied Shooting Tactical and Special Training
Extreme driving
Physical protection – Specialized system of hand-to-hand combat ( Kapap
& Krav Maga )
First Aid

training Conditions of the course :
• Real Situational Training
• Applied shooting
• Training handled by qualified Turkish instructor-trainers, the
training will be led in Turkish / English language
• Transfers to Alfa-Metal facilities
• Use of :
– Open-air Tactical Shooting Range plus targets
– Weaponary – Glock 17 – Аutоrange
– 2 properly equipped seminar halls
– Seminar hall with computers
– Fitness Room – Excursions
– upon negotiation
– Teaching led in Turkish with translation in English language Course:
improvement of professional skills of security guards
Purpose: perfection of the professional level Duration of the course: 5
training days (40 hours)
* Number of trainees: 15
Duration of training per day: 10 hours
Main study form : Individual and group practical training Complex
situational trainings and drills
Place for training carrying out: International Center for Special
Training in Protection and Security “Alpha-Metal”, Republic of
Bulgaria,town of Gabrovo .

Necessary equipment provided:

cars and weapons (Glock 9×19) Ammunitions: up to 200 rounds
Vocational Qualification: Close Protection PRICE: 1000 EUR

The price includes:

• Welcoming and transfer from the airport in Plovdiv to Gabrovo and
transfer from Gabrovo to the airport in Plovdiv (round trip)
• Accommodation in a 3* hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner are
included. The package price includes accommodation in a double room, for
single room accommodation for the whole period of stay an additional
payment of 55 EUR is required/.
• Training handled by qualified Turkish instructor-trainers, the
training will be led in Turkish/English language.
• Transfer to the Training Center`s facility
• Up to 200 rounds included – 200 rounds of 9х19mm or 9х18mm
• Course Completion Certificate
• A badge of the Training Centre Completion Certificates :
• Certificate for Vocational Training, “Security Guard” profession,
“Close Protection” speciality from ICSTPS “ALFA-METAL” and I.B.A ,
License number 200612335 /21.06.2006 from National Agency for Vocational
Education and Training /NAVET/ to Council of Ministers in Republic of
The certificate is valid in the European Union Countries.
• Europass Certificate Supplement is a document issued to the holders
of a Certificate for Vocational Training. It is a supplement does not
replace it, however gives additional information useful to employers and
other institutions outside the country, where the original Certificate
has been issued. AWPT Test for handiling and use of weapons included.
The students need to submit:
• Medical certificate verifying that the person is able to participate
in the Shooting Course
• Personal statement verifying that the person has not been charged for
a criminal offence or there are not any charges brought against them.
• A copy of a diploma
• A copy of a passport
• Photos – 2 pc.
• Driving License /if available/
• Sportswear and Sports footwear /according to the season/
• Weapon holster and belt /if available, if not – there is an option to
rent them/ • Camouflage /recommended, if available/

Garanti Bankası
Engin Deniz Karadag
Hesap no:
Iban no:
TR63 0006 2001 2730 0006 671381

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