Isdco Insructor Cours


Isdco ankarada Instructor course was held on 30-31 July 2016 date.
Kravmag assistant instructor and instructor courses are determined at the end of the Provincial Representative office documents are given.
Congratulations to get better.
Can HÖCÜK     Turkey Coordinator
Arzu Gür            Istanbul Representative                                                                                                                                           O. Ergun Arpacı Istanbul Anatolian Representative
Murat Boldaz    Adana Representative
Yunus Emre KILIC Ordu Representative
Mucahit Yılmaz Diyarbakır Representative

Murat BOLDAZ Instructor

Uğur ÇAMCI Instructor

Hakan AKYUZ Instructor

Cuneyt KILIÇ Instructor


O.Ergün ARPACI  Asistant Instructor

Tha Said Mohiddin  Asistant Instructor

Mücahit YILMAZ Asistant Instructor

Yunus Emre KILIÇ Asistant Instructor

Batuhan KÜCÜKYILMAZ Asistant Instructor

Özcan ERDÖNMEZ  Asistant Instructor

Mustafa AYTİR  Asistant Instructor

Tugba YENİCUN Asistant Instructor


Self Defence Level Test & Seminar


May 3 to 4, 2014 Date of the Representation of the Istanbul Province organized Self Defence (Pars-Krav Maga-Kapap) was successfully held seminars and Level Test.
Seminar in the realization of   Can HÖCÜK & Arzu GÜRER who contributed to thank our teachers,I wish you all continued success of the participants.

Sevki Erdogan

İsdco president